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23. April 2021
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24. April 2021

As executives face this new reality of hybrid work, concern about eroding corporate culture is the biggest challenge for executives (36%). Other reasons that may be holding companies back from expanding remote work options include loss of mentoring (30%), loss of innovation opportunities (26%) and potential equity issues between on-site and fully remote workers (25%). It’s a testament to the success of remote work that concerns about technology tools and cybersecurity measures have largely receded in comparison, thoughrisk leadersremain concerned about cybersecurity issues related to remote and hybrid work. While they’re eager to get more employees working in person, energy and power industry executives also face challenges of employee retention and recruitment as companies experience increasing rates of employee churn. Given the tight labor market, many are looking to differentiate their organizations through initiatives that go beyond conventional sweeteners such as more attractive wages or salaries and opportunities for advancement. For example, 43% will offer workplace location flexibility, and 40% expect that their progress and transparency on environmental, social and governance issues could be a differentiating factor for current and prospective employees. In addition, 47% of respondents say their companies are rethinking their purpose to help attract talent.

  • Among employees looking for new jobs, almost one in ten say it’s because they moved away from the office while working remotely and don’t want to go back on-site.
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  • This role joins a larger logistics team consisting of in-market regional-focused management and global supply chain operations to ensure we’re able to localise our efforts and partner management, whilst providing global oversight on improvements…
  • That’s not surprising, given that the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Statistics data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics currently shows quit rates above pre-pandemic levels and continuing to rise.
  • Aid in the planning and logistics of diplomatic missions.Track political meetings.

We also polled 1,007 full-time and part-time US-based employees between August 2 and August 3, 2021. We included the perspective of these employees in this report. For more than a year now, companies in the tech, media and telecom sector have kept the economy humming by not only providing entertainment and connectivity but also providing the tools and security needed for remote work and education. If you are looking for a career that will continue to open opportunities that could lead your career wherever YOU choose, then logistics could potentially be your next move. The Kangan Institute states that the following are the 5 top reasons you should consider a career in logistics. Save time and find higher-quality jobs than on other sites, guaranteed.

At Salesforce, we strive to create an accessible and inclusive experience for all candidates.

—are hiring across all 50 states, and across all industries and roles. Handshake is the #1 place employers recruit uss express remote work review college students and new grads, and these are the top 100 companies looking to hire students like you.

a career at a major logistics company remotely

Every day, we’re helping our customers transform their businesses and connect with their customers in whole new ways. We’re transforming careers with our learning platform, Trailhead. And we’re giving back to our communities with free knowledge sharing, guidance, and networking. Watch how three employees are making a lasting impact on the world.

With change in the White House, what’s changing for US companies?

Nearly half (49%) plan to emphasize schedule and location flexibility — and as we noted inTalent Strategies for Today’s Insurers, flexibility can be a game-changer for recruiting and retaining top talent. Still, only 27% plan to make compensation changes and only 31% plan expanded career development opportunities. The overall challenge of logistics is to ensure the transportation of the correct product to the right place, at the right time, at the right price.

a career at a major logistics company remotely

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